Fighters Over The Falklands

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“Fighters Over The Falklands” looks at how the Falkland Islands are defended by our air defence fighter aicraft.  Covering the period immediately after the war when the Phantom was our front line fighter, through to the departure of the Tornado F3s, it concludes with why the Typhoon will be an exceptional replacement.  Pictures taken during the author’s two tours of duty on the Islands in 1985 and 1994 capture daily life. From the first detachments of Phantoms and Rapiers operating from a rapidly upgraded RAF Stanley airfield to life at RAF Mount Pleasant, the author gives an insight into the challenges he faced as the Commander of the Tornado F3 unit.  It also looks at how front line crews provided Quick Reaction Alert with a look at day to day flying operations and working with the Royal Navy, Army and Air forces.  The book explores the facts and emotions of operating in a remote and sometimes forgotten theatre of operations.  It also looks at how the islanders interact with the garrisoned forces and the contrasts between the high technology military operations and the lives of the original inhabitants; namely the wildlife.