Book a Simulator Flying Session

Thorpe Camp Visitor centre is a registered charity. This experience is provided by volunteers so may be subject to cancellation at short notice. We ask for a donation of £10 per person to the charity towards the cost of keeping the Centre open.

On arrival you will have an orientation session in the cockpit of the Tornado F3 Mission Simulator. Your instructor will explain the function of each of the systems in the front and back cockpits.

You will then see a short video which describes the role of the aeroplane and show you the technique to allow you to take off.

You will then climb into the cockpit of the Tornado F3 and go flying in an immersive virtual world.

Each slot can accommodate a group of 4 people, is one hour long and includes 10 minutes flying. Only one slot per group so please have individual names for each booking.

To book a slot contact Dave Gledhill at

Slots are available every Friday at 1PM, 2PM and 3PM.