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Patrolling the Cold War Skies

By Philip Keeble and published by Fonthill Media.

Loco Spotters Guide

Illustrated by Stuart Black

Patrolling The Skies

By Phil Keeble

This is a flying adventure book set within the framework of the Cold War and told through the lens of the RAF Pilot's Flying Log Book. Philip Keeble's logbooks cover ten different types of aircraft: from learning to fly in a Chipmunk trainer in 1965, right through to flying the Tornado F3 Fighter in 1994. These true tales are told as anecdotal yarns, ones that put flesh on the bare bones of a logbook in an exciting, amusing and self-deprecating way. The narratives stir up memories of escapades and the events leading up to them. They depict exciting sorties, dangerous emergencies, stupid moments, funny occurrences, and operational practices, but also show the balance and contrast of operating in the Cold War. Keeble got into more than a few scrapes. He flew very high, very low, and very fast with a foolhardiness that at times was culpable. The memories of these events will make you chuckle, break out in a cold sweat, and some may even cause a lump in your throat. The author can vouch for the veracity of every single tale, even the shocking ones. Strap yourselves in securely and hold on tight-for this could be quite a ride.


Great gifts for the aviation enthusiast

Book Launch for Jim the Jet Provost at RAF Cosford Museum

Air Force Blue by Lesley Blissett

Bomber County by colleague and pilot Simon Leighton Porter

Bill Price, journalist and former RAF officer suffers devastating head injuries in a car crash, causing him to experience vivid hallucinations. So when he sees signal flares and shadowy figures while out walking on the disused airfield at Leckonby in Lincolnshire, he believes them to be a product of his own mind. The airfield is to be developed for housing, but work is disrupted by what appears to be paranormal activity. Ghostly airmen are seen and lights appear in the ruined control tower. Bill investigates the story for his newspaper and despite his logic telling him that such things cannot happen, events take a nightmarish turn when he finds himself caught up in the life of a Bomber Command squadron in 1944. In a cruel twist of fate, he realises that not only is the past haunting him, but he is haunting the past, and so begins his desperate struggle to return to the safety of the present day.

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Jim the Jet Provost

A new book with some stunning illustrations

Apache in European Service by Darren Willmin

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For all things aviation in Lincolnshire



Aerospace Radio Online

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James Baldwin Aviation Art

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Global Aviation Resource

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The Aviation Enthusiast Book Club

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Biggin Hill "Beyond The Bump by Joe Merchant

Joe's Autobiography Part 1. A fascinating read.

Fellow Fonthill Author Colin Pateman