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5 Stars Perfect Faction

Once again, David Gledhill brings his experience in the cockpit of a Phantom and blends it with a plausible and believable story line. Set in the aftermath of the Falklands conflict, Gledhill covers the story from both British and Argentinian perspectives and deals with the politics sensitively, without crossing the line into bias or jingoism.
The description of the in-cockpit "action" straps the reader firmly into a Martin Baker ejection seat and nails the art of being technically descriptive and informative without detracting from readability. At the same time, the reader gets a first-hand insight into handling a fast jet like the Phantom and that it's not just "point-and-shoot" as portrayed in the movies. Gledhill captures the confusion of combat, as well as the limitations of the technology employed, bringing realism very much to the fore. Missiles don't always track straight to their target, people make mistakes and things do go wrong.
Maverick (and its predecessor, Defector) puts David Gledhill well on his way to joining the likes of Stephen Coonts as an author of the finest "faction".

By Gary Fairley

5 Stars. A good read and an authentic view of the time and place.

Having flown with the author both in Phantoms and in the Falklands, I have to admit that I approached this book with more than a touch of cynicism, convinced that I would find it far-fetched and a bit like a modern Biggles book. I needn't have worried as what I found was both very readable and authentic to a degree that is impressive. Yes, there are a few small errors but they are really trivial and only of note to a cynical old F4 pilot (like me). All in all I enjoyed reading it very much and the descriptions of the Falklands, the Phantom and the systems and procedures we used took me right back to the 80s. Well done Dave.

by DH(UK) on Amazon

5 Stars A Masterly Blend of Fact and Fiction

This is a masterly blend of fact and fiction from an author who knows how to share his past experiences of life on the front-line with infectious enthusiasm.
In this book, David Gledhill gives the reader an excellent account of what life was like for both the civilian and military communities in the aftermath of the Falklands War (1982). The events are fictitious, but the story line is plausible and imaginable.
Without giving too much away, the reader may be surprised how events unfold and lead to their final conclusion which is certainly not 'predictable'! In this regard, the author is to be applauded for his open and honest account of what happens when military procedures and tactics don't go according to plan, particularly when the elements of surprise, confusion and uncertainty are thrown in. The timeline is also a reminder of how conflict was dealt with before the impact of the digital era when the effectiveness and success of military hardware was not always guaranteed.
All in all, an informative and engaging story - highly recommended.

By Glider 19X on

5 Stars A Thrilling Read

A very enjoyable read blending fact with fiction. It is clear the author spared no detail in creating this fictional event from first hand experience and knowledge of how people would react.
The story is told not only from the protagonists point of view but also from many of the other angles that could be expected, this keeps the storyline very mobile and paints a good picture behind the motives and reactions of each party involved.
I look forward to reading your future publications!

By aaa on

5 Stars Bravo!

A stunning follow up to Dave Gledhill's earlier book Defector. This author is definitely one to watch! A level of detail that only comes from someone who was there mixed with a brilliant level of creativity. I for one look forward to his next work!

By Simon Jakubowski on

5 Stars Another Good Read

A good read this is the second book of Dave's I read well written has alway. I am sure I will be reading a other soon.

By Mark on Amazon

5 Stars Phantastic Phantom Phracas!

Whilst being fictitious the level of detail and believability draws you into events in a post conflict South Atlantic .
Dave Gledhill uses his in depth knowledge of Phantom operations to weave an intricate plot line that had me guessing to the end.
It's not often I can't put a book down but this was in that turn back your clock to the mid 80's and consider what may have been.... 

By David Chandler on

5 Stars Fantastic Read!

A great read with a plot that twists and turns and made more believable by the authors knowledge of the phantom and falklands. A must for aviation fans who like their reads with a bit more of a twist! 

By Kevin Day on

5 Stars A quick-paced, thrilling "what-if" story

This latest novel by Dave Gledhill sees the Phantom crew of his earlier novel, 'Defector', being deployed to the Falklands Islands, just a few years after the 1982 conflict with Argentina. An Argentinian pilot wants revenge for his fellow pliots who died there; there is a shady character at the service of the Governor of the Islands that is selling secrets to Argentina. Dave gives a nice overview of the service in the RAF Phantom squadron deployed there, and the air-air combat description is nice. Though a fiction, Dave's knowledge being a retired RAF navigator who flew in Phantoms over there gives the reader the impression that it could have happened. i thoroughly enjoyed reading it! 

By Rudnei D. da Cunha on

5 Stars Outstanding

Yet another outstanding book by an up and coming Author with a great future.

By Tony Mageee on

5 Stars A riveting read, having served in the Falklands and.......

A riveting read, having served in the Falklands and on Phantoms previously I found the authors grasp of detail really took me back. Eagerly awaiting his next book.

By Flipperthebush on

5 Stars Very Good Read

Excellent story with a brilliant ending. A real twist. Well worth reading, thoroughly enjoyed it.

By Mars on

5 Stars The Falklands War Phase 2

Maverick is an excellent aerial story which pits the phantoms defending the Falklands against a Sky Hawk flown by a veteran of the South Atlantic war. The story becomes more involved when a local diplomat on the Islands tries to engineer the return of the Falklands to the Argentinians against the wishes of the islanders and the UK Government. Recommended.

By Ron on

5 Stars A pleasure to read, slow at first but then races along.

Seriously an author to enjoy. He knows how to put a story together, and keeps the reader entertained. The characters are somewhat flawed but truthful, well established and stay in role. This is heaps better than other self published books on Amazon.

By B Doswell on

5 Stars Excellent

A little slow to start with, but by half way through I couldn't put it down; utterly absorbing.

By Mark Luker on

4 Stars

A good read entirely believable captured the atmosphere of the remote frontier of the empire

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