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Just finished reading this! It's a roller coaster of read & at times I was able to 'feel' the tension of the characters & settings of the book . Dave Gledhill has excelled in portraying how easily the cold war could've gone hot in dangerous times! And of course it has the usual twists and turns to the plot lines that are also becoming one of the authors trademarks and this one is a corker with the "wow! I didn't see that coming"!
An absolute must read book!

By Kevin Day on The Aviation Enthusiasts Book Group


5.0 out of 5 stars More Phabulous Phaction from David Gledhill

Compared to other authors in the "technothriller" genre, David Gledhill's heroes aren't really heroes in the classic sense but rather people doing their jobs in extraordinary circumstances and that's what sets the Phantom Air Combat series apart. Avgeeks will love the in-the-cockpit sequences but on terra firma, the characters are real and believable while the story could have ended up on the front pages of the Cold War press, such is the realism with which it unfolds.

Infiltration stands alone on its own feet as a great Cold War yarn but equally takes its place in the Phantom Air Combat timeline, reacquainting the reader with characters old and new. The former continue to develop into the kind of characters that you start to think "what will they do in the next book?"

A great book by an author who clearly doesn't intend resting on his laurels any time soon.

By Gary Fairley on Amazon


5.0 out of 5 stars Great Cold war Story

An excellent book by David Gledhill - his best yet. A cold war drama with multiple story lines which come together creating great tension and drama towards the end of the book. Could not put it down. Would thoroughly recommend.

By Roy Higgins on Amazon


5.0 out of 5 stars The whole book brought back so many memories for me This is another great story from David Gledhill

Having been a Phantom Armourer and been on QRA many many times. I have helped to launch and recover lots of Phantoms that have intercepted Russian Aircraft. It is a pleasure reading about "Life in the Air" after I had seen the aircraft off. The whole book brought back so many memories for me

This is another great story from David Gledhill, Just cannot wait for the next.

Thank you David for your work


By JI Ashmore on Amazon